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Podcast Episode 9: Confusing Super Bowl Streaming Numbers, Earnings Recap From Roku, Paramount, Fastly, Akamai and Brightcove

Podcast Episode 9 is live! This week we breakdown the confusing Super Bowl streaming numbers, earnings recap from Roku, Paramount, Fastly, Akamai and Brightcove – www.danrayburnpodcast.com We also call out Phenix for their bogus ultra-low latency claims around the Super Bowl and the narrative they are pushing with the media claiming “sports streaming is broken”, […]

The Super Bowl Didn’t Offer Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Because There Was No Business Value

The live stream of the Super Bowl didn’t utilize ultra-low latency streaming because there was no business value in offering it. From what I observed, the live stream of the Super Bowl was 10-35 seconds behind the TV feed, depending on the streaming platform and the device used for viewing. After every Super Bowl, many vendors like […]

Live Updates: Testing Super Bowl Stream Across 30+ Apps/Platforms

I’ve kicked off my testing of the Super Bowl stream across a combination of 30+ devices and platforms. Follow this post for the latest updates below during the game. All streaming boxes and TVs are connected via ethernet with all MacBook’s, iPads and iPhones on Wifi. I’m utilizing a 100Mbps connection up/down from Verizon FiOS […]

With Thursday Night Football Broadcast Exclusively to Amazon Next Season, What’s The Impact to ISPs?

With Thursday Night Football broadcast exclusively to Amazon next season, one has to wonder what the impact could be to ISP networks. I’ve heard Amazon has the desire to stream in 4K, but will Amazon’s CloudFront CDN along with the many third-party CDNs they plan to use be able to handle 4K video at scale? […]

The Current State of Ultra-Low Latency Streaming: Little Adoption Outside of Niche Applications, Cost and Scaling Issues Remain

For the past two years we’ve been hearing a lot about low/ultra-low latency streaming, with most of the excitement coming from encoding and CDN vendors looking to up-sell customers on the functionality. But outside of some niche applications, there is very little adoption or demand from customers and that won’t change anytime soon. This is due to […]

I’m Testing The Super Bowl Stream Across All Devices: Contact Me With Questions

I’m testing the Super Bowl stream live across 25+ apps/platforms on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PS, Fire TV, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, smart TVs from LG, Vizio and Samsung. Follow this blog post for updates. Updated Feb 9th: The Super Bowl streaming numbers are out and had an average minute audience of 5.7M viewers. Updated 10:15pm: And […]

Live Updates: Testing Super Bowl Stream Across a Combo of 50+ Apps/Platforms

10:47pm ET: And that’s a wrap! Congrats to the FOX Sports team for a great overall Super Bowl streaming experience. Very minor issues, as is the case with all live events online. Interested to see the numbers tomorrow, I’m guessing 3-3.5M simultaneous. 8:30pm ET: So far on the iPad/iPhone, the Super Bowl stream is looking great on […]