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Podcast Episode 9: Confusing Super Bowl Streaming Numbers, Earnings Recap From Roku, Paramount, Fastly, Akamai and Brightcove

Podcast Episode 9 is live! This week we breakdown the confusing Super Bowl streaming numbers, earnings recap from Roku, Paramount, Fastly, Akamai and Brightcove – www.danrayburnpodcast.com We also call out Phenix for their bogus ultra-low latency claims around the Super Bowl and the narrative they are pushing with the media claiming “sports streaming is broken”, […]

The Super Bowl Didn’t Offer Ultra-Low Latency Streaming Because There Was No Business Value

The live stream of the Super Bowl didn’t utilize ultra-low latency streaming because there was no business value in offering it. From what I observed, the live stream of the Super Bowl was 10-35 seconds behind the TV feed, depending on the streaming platform and the device used for viewing. After every Super Bowl, many vendors like […]

Live Updates: Testing Super Bowl Stream Across 30+ Apps/Platforms

I’ve kicked off my testing of the Super Bowl stream across a combination of 30+ devices and platforms. Follow this post for the latest updates below during the game. All streaming boxes and TVs are connected via ethernet with all MacBook’s, iPads and iPhones on Wifi. I’m utilizing a 100Mbps connection up/down from Verizon FiOS […]

I’m Testing The Super Bowl Stream Across All Devices: Contact Me With Questions

I’m testing the Super Bowl stream live across 25+ apps/platforms on Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, PS, Fire TV, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, smart TVs from LG, Vizio and Samsung. Follow this blog post for updates. Updated Feb 9th: The Super Bowl streaming numbers are out and had an average minute audience of 5.7M viewers. Updated 10:15pm: And […]

Live Updates: Testing Super Bowl Stream Across a Combo of 50+ Apps/Platforms

10:47pm ET: And that’s a wrap! Congrats to the FOX Sports team for a great overall Super Bowl streaming experience. Very minor issues, as is the case with all live events online. Interested to see the numbers tomorrow, I’m guessing 3-3.5M simultaneous. 8:30pm ET: So far on the iPad/iPhone, the Super Bowl stream is looking great on […]

Learn The End-To-End Video Streaming Workflow, Used To Stream Super Bowl 53

At the Streaming Summit, taking place April 8-9, at the NAB Show, Zac Shenker, Director of Engineer, Video Delivery, Optimization & Experience at CBS Interactive will detail all the components of the end-to-end video streaming workflow, used to stream Super Bowl 53 across both the CBS Sports & CBS All Access platforms. Entitled “Engineering A […]

Technical and Business Reasons Kept Low-Latency Streaming Out Of The Super Bowl

A thread was started on LinkedIn with some suggesting that CBS should have enabled low-latency streaming for the Super Bowl and that the stream should not have had a 20-40 second delay. There are so many wrong assumptions being made by people in the industry around low-latency streaming, from both a business and technical level. […]

Live Streaming Of Super Bowl 52 Looking Good Across All Devices and Platforms

The live stream of Super Bowl 52 is looking great so far, across all the devices and platforms I’ve tried. I’ve tested the stream on Amazon Fire TV (NBC Sports App, SlingTV), MacBook (Firefox, Chrome, Safari), iPad Mini (NBC Sports App), Xbox One (NBC Sports App, Sling TV), Apple TV 3/4, (NBC Sports App) and […]

The Super Bowl Stream Wasn’t As Bad As Many In The Media Said It Was

I’ve read quite a few blog posts about NBC Sports live stream of the Super Bowl and it’s clear that the vast majority of the media don’t understand what the workflow for a live event looks like, the pieces that are involved and the various factors that determine the quality of the live stream. A […]

Super Bowl Webcast Poor Quality, Player Broken, Bad Experience

Last year, NBC Sports failed in their execution of the first Super Bowl webcast and this time around, CBSSports.com isn’t doing any better. Tonight’s webcast has really bad video quality, lots of pixelation and a stream that looks to be encoded at less than 1Mbps. The webcast player won’t load the Twitter feed, which is […]

NBC Failed With Their Super Bowl Webcast, But Wants Us To Believe It Was A Success

NBC completely failed in their execution of streaming Sunday's Super Bowl on the web, yet they want us to believe that it was an engaging and successful webcast. Do they think we're stupid? Instead of coming clean and saying they had technical issues, especially with the quality of the video and re-buffering, the company is […]

NFL and NBC Announce Plans To Stream The Super Bowl Online, For Free

Earlier today, NBC and the NFL announced that the 2012 Super Bowl will be be streamed live online, for free, using the same platform (Silverlight) that NBC uses to stream the Sunday Night Football games (SNF Extra). No authentication will be required and the Pro Bowl and NBC's wild-card playoff games will also be streamed […]

CBS Sports Having Problems With SuperBowl Stream, App & Website

CBS Sports is already having problems with the SuperBowl stream. I’m having a lot of issues loading cbssports.com website, frequently getting time out errors. When it does load, I get a video window that is black, with no stream. And on the Apple TV, the CBS Sports app won’t load at all. Appears to be […]

With Thursday Night Football Broadcast Exclusively to Amazon Next Season, What’s The Impact to ISPs?

With Thursday Night Football broadcast exclusively to Amazon next season, one has to wonder what the impact could be to ISP networks. I’ve heard Amazon has the desire to stream in 4K, but will Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN along with the many third-party CDNs they plan to use be able to handle 4K video at scale? […]

The Current State of Ultra-Low Latency Streaming: Little Adoption Outside of Niche Applications, Cost and Scaling Issues Remain

For the past two years we’ve been hearing a lot about low/ultra-low latency streaming, with most of the excitement coming from encoding and CDN vendors looking to up-sell customers on the functionality. But outside of some niche applications, there is very little adoption or demand from customers and that won’t change anytime soon. This is due to […]

Update On CDN Market Trends: Latest CDN Data Shows Pricing Hitting Rock Bottom At $0.001 Per GB, Here’s What It Means For The Industry

I’ve recently completed my bi-annual survey of customers taking media delivery services from third-party CDNs and the data shows pricing on very large deals is now down to an all-time low of $0.001 per GB delivered. That’s one tenth of one penny and is the lowest pricing I have ever seen in the market. [If you are interested […]

The Pros and Cons of Deploying A DIY or Outsourced Multi-CDN Solution

Over the last few years, most large broadcasters and OTT services have deployed multi-CDN solutions to improve the end-user experience for video. I’ve covered many instances where a multi-CDN strategy was a key component in the overall OTT workflow, as in the case of the Super Bowl, where CBS used four CDNs in a multi-CDN […]

Eric Black, SVP & CTO, NBC Sports Group Digital to Keynote Streaming Summit, On Live Sports Streaming

Playmaker Media, NBC Sports Digital’s technology service providing end-to-end support for live streaming and VOD solutions, delivered 4.37 billion live streaming minutes for the three biggest events of 2018: Super Bowl LII, the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup. At the Streaming Summit, taking place as part of the NAB Show New York on Oct. […]

We Need More Graphics In Live Video Streams To Enhance The User Experience

Data driven overlay graphics are ubiquitous in live television. The elements that are known in the broadcast world as lower thirds, over-the-shoulders, tickers and bugs have been sharing screen space with live video on sports and news broadcasts for well over 20 years. While some content creators and publishers have managed to integrate a few of these graphical overlays into their streaming-only productions, the […]

The Video CDN Business Is Flawed, YouTube Subsidizes Video Bandwidth On The Net

While many want to imply and insist that video delivered over the internet is going to one day rival or surpass cable TV as the main broadcast medium, which is an incorrect notion on its own, most are missing the bigger picture and ignoring the business side of the discussion. They want to argue about […]