Episode 61: How Users Are Consuming Long-Form Content on TikTok; OTT Platforms Aggressively Cutting Workflow Costs; Navigating AI Hype in the Video Industry

Podcast Episode 61 is live! What do TikTok’s video lengths and user engagement tell us about the future of content consumption? Join us this week as we uncover the surprising data behind this social media giant and its innovative audience. We’ll also dive into the growing trend of long-form content including movies and TV shows being chopped up into bite-sized pieces for a more interactive and engaging viewing experience.

As the demand to get to profitability with DTC services grows, content owners are slashing millions in infrastructure costs through optimization of their video workflows, especially around encoding, storage and delivery. We discuss how advanced codecs and content adaptive technologies are enabling reduced bit rates without sacrificing quality. You will also learn about Netflix’s multi-year technology and workflow transformation, and the increasing importance of purpose-built silicon in the race for 4K streaming.

Lastly, we tackle the issues of media inaccuracies and AI hype within the industry. From the sensationalized reporting surrounding Disney’s CFO’s leave of absence to Microsoft’s questionable AI claims, we emphasize the importance of accurate information and transparency. Discover the potential impact of AI on the streaming industry and Microsoft’s relationship with Open AI – all in this eye-opening episode.