CES TV News Round-Up From LG, Samsung, TCL, Roku, Google and Sony

Here’s a round-up of CES TV news from LG, Samsung, TCL, Roku, Google and Sony with pricing, if announced. The big trend at the show was larger screen sizes (93″-97”), QD-OLED, mini-LED and microLED tech. Not much was highlighted in the way of TV OS or content services.

  • LG: Announced upgraded Z3 (77” to 88”), G3 (55” to 97”) and C3 (42” to 83”) OLED evo series with higher brightness and color accuracy as well as amazing clarity and detail thanks to the new α9 AI Processor Gen6. G3 models get LG’s Brightness Booster Max technology and an upgrade leaving no visible gap when wall mounted. Their webOS will get a redesigned user interface to provide more options to customize the launcher based on different profiles. LG has done away with the A series and now considers the B3 series its entry-level OLED offering. LG press release.
  • TCL: Announced updated S-Series and the all-new Q Series. Q6 (50” to 75”), Q7 (55” to 85”), QM8 (65” to 98”). The new TCL 98-inch Class XL Collection Smart TV will be TCL’s first QD-OLED, retailing for $8,500. QD-OLED TV is a new type of display technology that merges quantum dots with an OLED panel for an ultra-thin screen that can produce all of blacks of OLED, along with better brightness and more accurate colors. TCL press release.
  • Samsung: Announced larger QD-OLED models, up to 77”. Neo QLED TVs will see at least two major new models in this category. The QN95C has been redesigned to house all of its connections inside the chassis of the TV itself, instead of within a backpack breakout box that the TV used. All of the 2023 Neo QLED models will benefit from the company’s new Auto HDR Remastering AI tech, which can analyze and apply HDR effects to SDR material in real-time, on a scene-by-scene basis. Samsung TV Plus, the free, ad-supported TV and on-demand service on Samsung’s smart TVs, now has over 1,800 channels globally. Samsung press release.
  • Roku: Announced the first-ever smart TV (Roku Select and Plus Series) designed and built by Roku (with a manufacturing partner they aren’t naming). Will be available in the U.S. in 11 models, ranging from 24” to 75”, beginning spring 2023. Retail prices ranging from $119 to $999 for HD and 4K models. Roku blog post.
  • Google: Android TV OS – the underlying platform for both the Google TV and Android TV experiences – now has 150M monthly active devices. Total isn’t just for Google TV devices or for Android TV devices, but all of them combined. Google blog post.
  • Sony: Decided to delay its TV-related news until later in 2023, no new models were announced or displayed at CES.