A List of The Latest ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) Numbers from Streaming Services

With more streaming services adding AVOD plans, here’s a comparison of ARPU amongst streaming services, which now have to be properly compared between SVOD, AVOD and a combo of the two.

  • Disney+ global ARPU was $4.30 in Q1, Domestic was $6.32 (subscription)
  • ESPN+ ARPU was $4.73 in Q1 (subscription and advertising)
  • Hulu SVOD ARPU was $12.77 in Q1 (subscription and advertising)
  • Netflix global ARPU was $14.91 in Q1 (subscription)
  • HBO Max domestic ARPU was $11.24 in A1 (subscription and advertising)
  • Paramount domestic ARPU of “around $9” in Q1 (subscription and advertising)
  • Peacock TV ARPU was “around $10”, in Q4 2021, no Q1 2022 number given (subscription and advertising)
  • Roku ARPU was $42.91 in Q1 (trailing 12 months), which is $3.57 a month (advertising)
  • fuboTV “Advertising ARPU” was $7.11 in Q1 (their long-term target for Ad ARPU is $15-$20)
  • Vizio ARPU was $23.68 in Q1 (trailing 12-months), which is $1.97 a month (advertising)
  • Starz domestic ARPU was “around $5.70 to $6”, in May 2021 and Lions Gate hasn’t updated it since then (subscription)
  • Discovery’s overall D2C ARPU was “around $7”, with Discovery+ ARPU of “more than $10”. These numbers are from July 2021 and Discovery hasn’t broken out ARPU since them. (subscription and advertising)
  • Pluto TV global ARPU was $1.64, Domestic ARPU was $2.54, at the end of 2021 (advertising)

Many streaming services like AMC+, CuriosityStream, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, DAZN, YouTube TV and many others have provided no details on ARPU to date, or in the past few years.