Low Latency Live Streaming A Big Focus At NAB Streaming Summit

One of the hottest topics in the industry right now is being able to deliver low latency live streaming solutions. At the NAB Streaming Summit, taking place next week on April 11th in Vegas, we will have three sessions on this topic. Use discount code DAN18 and you can register at a special rate.

Case Study: How Twitch Achieves Low Latency Live Streaming At Scale
Every day, more than 15 million users around the world visit Twitch to watch a variety of live professionally-generated and user-generated content. As a critical architectural upgrade to improve QoS and support large viewership, Twitch abandoned RTMP and adopted HLS as its live video format in 2013. In this presentation, Twitch will talk about a number of innovations in their streaming architecture design, algorithmic research, and QoS-metrics-based tuning, for deploying Twitch’s low-latency broadcast solution to production. The combination of these efforts eventually brought the end-to-end broadcast latency down to 5s, with acceptable impacts on the QoS and cost.

  • Presenter: Yueshi Shen, Principal Research Engineer, Video, Twitch
  • Presenter: Nikhil Purushe, Senior Software Engineer, Video Playback, Twitch

Creating New Opportunities With Low Latency Live Streaming
This session explores how low latency streaming creates new opportunities and business value by focusing on actual formats, apps and best practices. Topics include an analysis of the success of HQ Trivia, bringing traditional formats over to live streaming, the role of established live platforms like Facebook, Twitch and YouTube as well as discussing the tools used by interactive live stream front runners. Hear how low latency streaming allows for a truly ‘live’ experience on the internet and how you can scale to millions of users without adding complexity and significantly increasing your cost.

  • Moderator: Geert Faber, VP, Americas, Ex Machina
  • Panelist: Benjamin Vallat, VP, Business Development, Twitch
  • Panelist: Erik Schwartz, Head of Platform, The Alliance of American Football
  • Panelist: Sumit Gupta, Founder, CEO, Boom.tv

Best Practices For Deploying And Distributing Real Time Low Latency Live Video
In this session you will learn the pros and cons of various technologies for the delivery of low latency streaming, including small chunk size HLS/DASH, WebRTC, QUIC, SRT, and CMAF. Hear about new revenue opportunities for sub-second live video streaming options including online sports events, gaming, video surveillance, live auctions, and drone piloting. Speakers will also discuss the ecosystem for low latency applications including device and browser support and debate which new protocols and technologies are the future for delivering live video with sub-second latency.

  • Moderator: Charley Thomas, Senior Engineer, Limelight Networks
  • Panelist: Gabriele Ubertini, Head of Research and Engineering, Sky Italia
  • Panelist: Adam Diep, Founder, Principal, WhDiYo Digital

For a complete list of all the sessions taking place at the #streamingsummit, check out this page on the NAB website. #NABShow