Best Practices In Scaling Live Streaming Where 1M Is The New 100K

Over the past several years, live streaming has gone from optional to critical, from a revenue opportunity to a revenue stream, from a possibility to a practicality. As viewers continue to shift their consumption habits from traditional television to OTT, media companies continue to look for new ways to reach audiences across all devices. At the NAB Streaming Summit, taking place next week on April 11th in Vegas, we have a session entitled “Best Practices In Scaling Live Streaming Where 1M Is The New 100K“. Use discount code DAN18 and you can register at a special rate.

This session will discuss the critical issues affecting the end-to-end live streaming architecture: acquisition, content protection, monetization, delivery, playback, redundancy, latency and discuss best practices in achieving quality at scale. Speakers include:

  • Moderator: Chris Knowlton, Partner, Chief Strategy Officer, BlueFrame Technology
  • Alper Turgut, Head of Video Engineering and Anvato, Google Cloud
  • Rob Dillon, Digital Operations Manager, Tribune Media
  • John O’Neil, Technical Manager, TA Productions, Tennis Australia
  • Albert Lai, CTO Media, Brightcove

For a complete list of all the sessions taking place at the #streamingsummit, check out this page on the NAB website. #NABShow