Hosting Dinner With Akamai For Wall Street Investors, May 15th, NYC

On Tuesday May 15th, I’ll be hosting a dinner with Akamai in NYC in conjunction with JNK Securities, specifically for those on Wall Street. I will be leading a discussion with Rick McConnell, President and General Manager, Web Division from Akamai along with Josh Shaul, VP Product, Cloud Security and Michael Fay, VP Product and Operations, Media. We plan on discussing the catalysts driving innovation in the market specifically for Akamai’s performance and security solutions and will cover how Akamai’s solutions (WAF, DDoS etc.) work from a technical level. We will also cover the factors (i.e., scale, price, features, ease-of-deployment) that customers use to evaluate vendors and discuss the types of applications customers are deploying across Akamai’s platform.

If you are interested in attending the dinner, please reach out to me but note that this dinner is only for those on Wall Street and space is limited.