NFL Now Offering Four Ways To Stream Games Online

Slowly but surely, the NFL continues to make more games both live and on-demand available online, although the vast majority of their offerings still require some sort of paid subscription. While last night NBC kicked off their "Sunday Night Football Extra" offering, (I'll have my review of that up shortly), there are quite a few other ways to get in on the action. He's a quick rundown of all the offerings I know of in the market:

  • "Sunday Night Football Extra" is done in conjunction with NBC, NFL and Microsoft. Akamai is doing the delivery and seventeen games are being streamed live for free this season on and
  • "Game Rewind" is an on-demand service that allows access to all games, commercial free, within 24 hours after the game are completed. The service cost $39.99 for the season and Move Networks is the video platform, with Level 3 doing most, if not all of the delivery. You can read my review of that service here.
  • "Game Pass HD" is a live NFL based subscription offering that is only available to users outside the U.S. and Canada. The service costs $279.99 for the season and Like "Game Rewind", they are using the Move Networks platform and Level 3. More on the service here.
  • "SuperFan" is a another live option in the market, which is basically an upgrade to DirecTV's "NFL Sunday Ticket" offering. "SuperFan" is only available to DirectTV subscribers who have the "NFL Sunday Ticket Offering" and costs an additional $89.99 for the year. Level 3 was streaming the DirecTV games last year, which you can read about here, but I haven't yet confirmed if they are doing it again this year.

The NFL offers a live audio only streaming service as well that is subscription based call "Field Pass" for $39.99 for the season and offers a mobile solution with Sprint called "NFL Mobile Live" that's free for Sprint customers that already have a data plan that costs more than $69.99. Sprint customers without a data plan can add one for the NFL service starting at $15 a month.

With the NFL getting more aggressive in their video offerings, one has to wonder how much longer before they start testing video to other devices