Find Out If You’re Paying Too Much For CDN Services, For Free

While many are already aware of the CDN pricing I publish every quarter at, I am regularly asked by content owners what I charge to review their contract terms, look at their pricing and advise them on what they should be paying. For those that's don't know, this service I provide is completely free and always has been. This is something I have been doing for years and anyone can call me anytime, seven days a week at 917-523-4562 with any questions about their CDN pricing.

So why do I do this and what's in it for me? Very simply, it helps me collect industry data and more importantly, it's my job to help educate the market and try and help content owners adopt and use more CDN services. Being available to content owners 24×7 allows me to speak to and collect CDN data from hundreds of customers a year, of all shapes and sizes. So for those that come across the CDN pricing data on my blog or might have been wondering what it costs to have me review your CDN contract, call anytime, it's free.