Online Video Mergers and Acquisitions: Wall Street’s View

At the Streaming Media East show on Tuesday May 20th, we have a special session entitled "Mergers and Acquisitions: Wall Street’s View". Acquisitions, partnerships, funding, and failures are all making headlines at an increasing rate.

At times it is difficult to understand why these events occur, what drives them, who is involved, and how they affect the rest of the industry. This panel of venture capitalists, equity research analysts, and others will discuss their views on the state of the markets, what gets them excited, what concerns them, and how it could impact the way you do business.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Brian Essex, Analyst (formerly at Morgan Stanley)
  • Colby Synesael, SVP, Equity Research, Telecom, Merriman Curhan Ford & Co.
  • Kevin Ryan, Co-founder, Chairman, Panther Express
  • Neil Squeira, Partner, General Catlyst Partners
  • Ray Conley, CFA, Palo Alto Investors

Have a topic or question for any of the speakers you want to see
addressed? Submit it in the comments section and we’ll add it to the
Q&A portion of the session.

Registration is still open
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conference very affordable for everyone to attend. A full two-day
conference ticket is only $895.