Financial Analysts: Get The Latest CDN Pricing and See Nearly 20 CDNs At Streaming Media East

If you’re a financial analyst tasked with covering the content delivery market, you’ll want to come to the Streaming Media East conference taking place at the Hilton hotel in NYC on May 20th and 21st. On Tuesday, May 20th, I’ll be presenting my latest data on CDN pricing in a presentation entitled "CDN Pricing: The Going Rate For Video Delivery". On Wednesday May 20th, we’ll also have a panel of analysts and investors on a special session entitled "Mergers and Acquisitions: Wall Street’s View".

In addition, we’ll have nearly 20 video delivery companies exhibiting and or speaking at the show including Akamai, AT&T, Abacast, BitTorrent, CDNetworks, Digital Fountain, EdgeCast, Highwinds, Ignite, Internap, Level 3, Limelight, Mirror Image, Move Networks, Panther Express, PowerStream, StreamTheWorld, VeriSign. Contact me if you want a special discount code for financial analysts.