Call For Papers Now Open For The Streaming Media Europe Conference

The call for papers for the Streaming Media Europe conference and exhibition taking place October 4-5 in London is now open. I typically receive ten times the number of speaking submissions I have available so I strongly suggest you submit your proposal early, as they are reviewed and possibly confirmed upon receipt. The submission deadline is May 11th.

We are seeking proposals and case studies from people who use and manage streaming and online video solutions and services in their organisations.

If you are working on an innovative project or if you are willing to share your practical tips, tools, or strategies for business applications of streaming technology, please consider volunteering to speak at Streaming Media Europe.

As you are all aware, the online video market is hotter than ever and our shows continue to grow each year and continue to attract more and more speakers. The demand continues to grow for speaking spots so I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your submissions in on time.