Podcamp NYC Event: Everything You Want To Know About Podcasting & Video Blogging

Podcampnyclogowiki_2Next Saturday, April 7th there is a great event taking place in NYC about podcasting. PodCamp NYC is a FREE new media conference dedicated to podcasting, blogging, vlogging and other new/social media. Sponsor driven and led by a group of organizer volunteers, the April 7th event will feature 80+ sessions on topics ranging from how-to create online media to monetization and philosophy of Internet 2.0 technologies.

I’ll be speaking on a session talking to the business side of podcasting looking at how companies are trying to monetize their content. You can register and attend at no cost. The event is being held at the The New Yorker Hotel.

If you are producing or putting on an event in your area that ties into the world of online audio and video, let me know. In most cases, I will happy promote it here on the blog at no cost. Anything that helps to educate users and the industry is good for us all.