Lumen Begins Shutting Down Their CDN Network as They Exit The Business

Lumen has started shutting down their CDN. The company was one of the CDNs in the mix, along with Akamai, Amazon, Edgio, Fastly, and Qwilt, for delivering the NFL Wild Card game on Peacock, with the game being the last big event for Lumen’s CDN network.

Now that the game is over, multiple ISPs are reporting that Lumen has stopped sending traffic, and the de-provisioning of their CDN has started. Lumen had recently refreshed some of their CDN hardware, so some assets are expected to be redeployed for Lumen’s Edge Bare Metal product offering. At the peak of their CDN business, Lumen was generating about $200 million in revenue. Once they lost traffic from Apple and later on Disney, the business started to decline.

In August 2022, Lumen sold off their Latin American operations, including all of Lumen’s fiber assets and data centers in Latin America and their subsea assets. In October of last year, Lumen announced the sale of “select” contracts to Akamai, comprised of about 100 enterprise customers and the “end-of-sale of Lumen’s CDN services.”

For a little CDN history lesson (see, in 1999, Sandpiper, one of the earliest CDNs on the internet, was acquired by Digital Island. In 2001, Digital Island was acquired by Cable & Wireless. In 2002, Cable & Wireless withdrew from the U.S. market and sold the U.S. company to SAVVIS. In 2006, SAVVIS excited the CDN business and sold the CDN assets to Level 3. In 2017, Level 3 was acquired by CenturyLink, and in 2020, CenturyLink changed its name to Lumen.