I’m Hosting a Live Q&A Zoom on Getting a Job and Advancing Your Career in The Industry

If you call yourself “highly motivated and results-driven” on LinkedIn, you’re making a mistake. So, for those looking for help getting a job or moving up in the streaming media industry, on Thursday, January 18, at 7 pm ET, I’m hosting a live Zoom  (password is my last name), taking questions and giving out some best practices on job search and placement, LinkedIn profiles and resumes.

I see many resumes, and I help companies (for free) find great potential employees. Over the years, I’ve helped Disney, NBC Sports, Akamai, Comcast, Amazon, Oracle, Edgio, AWS, Microsoft, and dozens of others connect with the right individuals. Those in the industry who can speak intelligently and intelligibly on the value they bring to a company, day one.

With all the layoffs in the streaming industry, plus those looking for new jobs, you have to be able to show your value to a potential employer, and it starts with your LinkedIn profile. Many could be better. I can complain about them or do something to help others, which is the point of live Zoom. I did one of these a few years back with over 100 attendees.

I’ll explain why you must stand out and how to do it. People say they are “detail-oriented,” yet they took no time to remove the default grey background image from LinkedIn. I’ve offered free advice to anyone in the streaming industry on advancing their careers – at no charge – and will continue to do so. But before you talk to anyone, you must set yourself up for success.

Phrases like “top-performing” mean nothing. Top compared to whom? Many people call themselves “coach and mentor” without defining their meaning. What are you coaching others on? If you are looking for an account management job, coaching others in the sales organization is not part of that job unless you are at a specific level. Saying you have “Products and Services Expertise” but not defining what products or services you work with in the streaming video stack isn’t helpful.

The bottom line is that far too many LinkedIn profiles are generic in wording, have broken links and text that is improperly formatted, and many have never commented on or reposted a single article from their industry. You have to show you know market drivers and restraints and are what I call “a player in the game.”

You can join the Zoom meeting anonymously if you like, and I’ll be taking questions via chat only and answering them live on video. Below is the Zoom link, and the password is my last name. So grab a drink 🍺 and join others. This is free and open to everyone so that you can invite others. If attendees find it useful, I’ll do the Zoom regularly.

Zoom link: https://bit.ly/47vsffQ – Password: my last name