Executive Interview: The Complex Road Ahead for Ad Measurement Data and Metrics

For my latest “Executive Interview” podcast, I sat down with Diane Strutner, CEO of Datazoom, for a detailed discussion on the current state of advertising data and the complex road ahead as inventory moves to digital and CTV. We discuss the seismic industry shift from siloed to a converged currency models, and the ensuing challenges in valuing digital and streaming ad impressions. Learn the crucial distinctions between accreditation and certification, particularly in relation to how they relate to audience measurement, and the impact on advertisers.

The conversation takes a turn towards transparency, or lack thereof, in Nielsen’s methodology and their conspicuous absence from new industry initiatives and committees. Diane emphasizes understanding true ROI, and the inherent risks of decision-making without adequate revenue insights, and the lack of data that is behind enormous funding decisions, and publishing and media & entertainment’s push for profitability. You can listen to the interview here.