Episode 62: YouTube TV’s Challenges With Sunday NFL Ticket; Interactive Sports Stats; Netflix’s Advertising Plans; and The ISP/Content Debate in Europe

Podcast Episode 62 is live! This week we peel back the layers of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV dissecting the potential implications and benefits for the streaming media industry. We discuss the criticality of promptly addressing technical glitches before mainstream media taints the image of streaming technology. Learn how YouTube TV’s new ‘multiview’ feature could amp up the NFL Sunday Ticket experience, or just add another layer of complexity.

We also scrutinize Netflix’s future advertising plans and their proposed creation of a new ad format similar to a half-hour commercial drawn out over days. Also covered is the rollout of YES Network’s single-screen interactive stats on connected devices in partnership with Ease Live. Tune in as we delve into the fiery debate taking place in Europe with ISPs suggesting that content providers including Netflix, Apple, and Google should pay ISPs to carry their video traffic.

I also call out Sandvine for continuing to publish garbage data on the topic, stating opinions as facts, using high-level marketing terms with no definitions, and using the debate to push the need for companies to pay them to use their platform – a severe conflict of interest.