Podcast Episode 12: HBO Max Gets Into Live Sports; The Challenges and Opportunities for CTV; Vizio’s AVOD Revenue Growth

Podcast Episode 12 is live! This week we highlight HBO Max entering the live sports market with the news that they will broadcast more than twenty Women’s and Men’s National U.S. Soccer matches each year. We also discuss what Disney’s new ad-supported subscription for Disney+ might look like, when the option launches in late 2022. We also break down AppLovin’s acquisition of CTV platform Wurl for $430 million, based on projected 2023 revenue of $75 million and the challenges and opportunities for the entire CTV market going forward. 

Companies, and services mentioned: HBO Max, WarnerMedia, Netflix, Turner Sports, Disney+, Paramount+, Netflix, Vizio, Pluto TV, AppLovin, Wurl, Human, fuboTV, Roku, Samsung, LG, NBC Sports.

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