My New Podcast Is Live! – Episode 1: Metrics, Churn and Retention; Unrealistic Vendor Valuations

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new weekly podcast. Curating the streaming media industry news of the week that matters most, in 30 minutes. Unvarnished, unscripted and providing you with the data and analysis you need, without any hype. With co-host Mark Donnigan.

This week we discuss the problem with Nielsen’s reporting and how the industry should define churn and retention; the importance of HBO Max and Disney defaulting to a single video stack; how some vendors are overestimating their valuations; and why Roku and Google’s dispute isn’t over.

Companies and vendors mentioned: Roku, Google, Disney Streaming Services, Hulu, HBO Max, NFL, ESPN, Amazon, NFL, YouTube, WarnerMedia, Discovery, Nielsen, SiriusXM, Vudu, Hive, Firstlight Media, Vimeo, Mux, Hopin, Brightcove, Fastly, Panopto. Executives mentioned: Joseph Inzerillo, Jonathan Stock, Rick McConnell, Mike Green, Nathan Veer, Doug Castoldi.

Note: The podcast has been submitted to all the platforms, might take time to show up. Few audio blips in Episode 1 we’ll have worked out for the next show.