Analyzing The Trends In The Shift From VOD-only To OTT Linear Services For Live Events

The shift from VOD to OTT has caused a significant disruption and change in traffic and network consumption patterns. At the EdgeNext Summit, taking place Monday October 15th in NYC, Bill Wohnoutka, VP, Global Internet & Content Delivery Services at CenturyLink, will discuss how the network has changed and will continue to evolve to manage these new patterns. Bill will also explain what the future looks like for live video as the industry sees an increase in events and viewers, while working to deliver content at the highest quality possible. (session details)

Held in association with NAB Show New York, the one-day EdgeNext Summit will focus on content distribution at the edge and all that is taking place with CDN, WAF, DDoS, DNS & more. With a focused lineup of companies showcasing all the new decentralized ways services are being brought closer to the eyeballs, you’ll hear how the Edge is improving the end-user experience. From the last mile to the last inches. What’s next at the Edge?

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