Hosting Dinner For Wall Street Investors With StackPath, July 19th in NYC

On Thursday July 19th at 6pm, in association with JNK Securities, I will be hosting a dinner in NYC for Wall Street investors with Lance Crosby, StackPath’s Chairman and CEO. Lance previously founded what is considered to be one of the first cloud platforms, SoftLayer, which he sold to IBM for $2 billion in 2013. Attendees will hear how StackPath delivers enterprise-grade security and performance in a frictionless, on-demand platform with cloud-scale control and flexibility. We will discuss the latest needs by customers to protect, accelerate, and innovate for CDN, WAF, and Managed DNS, along with the latest trends in automation and virtualization capabilities.

If you are interested in attending the dinner, please reach out to me but note that this dinner is only for those on Wall Street and space is limited.