Hosting Dinner With Fastly For Wall Street Investors, July 25th in NYC

On Wednesday July 25th at 6pm, in association with JNK Securities, I will be hosting a dinner in NYC for Wall Street investors with Fastly’s President (Joshua Bixby), Head of Strategic Partnerships (Lee Chen), and Fastly’s CFO (Adriel Lares). Hot on the heels of another big round of funding for Fastly, the company has spent the past seven years disrupting the CDN market, focusing on performance, security and media delivery.

We plan on discussing the changes in the competitive landscape with the need for platform services at the edge and the advent of serverless and edge compute trends. Attendees will learn about the innovative approach Fastly has taken with their network architecture and how it is disrupting the market in functionality, performance and underlying cost structure. We will also discuss the factors (i.e., scale, price, features, ease-of-deployment) that customers use to evaluate their CDN vendor and discuss some of the latest pricing, product and customer use cases for edge compute.

If you are interested in attending the dinner, please reach out to me but note that this dinner is only for those on Wall Street and space is limited.