Streaming Video Alliance Hires Jason Thibeault As Executive Director

SVA2As a board member of The Streaming Video Alliance (SVA), an industry forum composed of leading companies from the online video ecosystem, I’m excited to announce that we have hired Jason Thibeault as our first Executive Director. Jason joins the Streaming Video Alliance from Limelight Networks, where he held a number of marketing leadership roles.

The SVA has made some great progress over the past 18 months and now has 42 member companies involved, but the lack of an Executive Director was really keeping us from finalizing a lot of deliverables and executing on some of our plans. With Jason now dedicated to the new role, the SVA is poised to bring greater collaboration into an industry that has been fraught with extremely fast growth and little guidance.

Jason’s ultimate objectives in his new role are three fold. First, Jason will help the SVA produce materials (best practices, functional requirements, guidelines, standards, etc.) that will benefit the industry. Second, he plans to grow the SVA into a true cross-sectional representation of the industry, by engaging with everyone, from the biggest names in streaming to up-and-coming startups, and getting them all involved in the discussions that are driving development of the SVA’s products. Finally, Jason will act as an evangelist, working with analysts, press, conference organizers, and other industry forums to tell the SVA story. At the end of the day, Jason’s goal it to have people see the SVA as the lightning rod for the online video industry and that can only be accomplished through tangible output, growth, and awareness.

The association is hard at work on multiple working groups including QoE, Ad Insertion and Audience Measurement, Client Dev Framework, Encryption/Privacy, Geo Caching, Accessibility and Scaling amongst others. One of Jason’s first tasks will be to documenting for the industry all of the working groups the SVA has going, which new ones will be added, and how companies can get involved. If you have any questions on joining the alliance, please reach out to me at any time or contact Jason directly at

In addition to Jason’s new role, the SVA also announced the appointment of two new board members, Yves Boudreau, who is in the CTO group for TV and media technology strategy at Ericsson and Keith Zubchevich, Chief Strategy Officer at Conviva.