Looking For “How To” Technical Presenters At Streaming West Conference

sm-west-arowsThe general call for speakers is open for the Streaming Media West show, taking place Nov. 1-2 in Huntington Beach CA, and in particular, I’m working now on who the “how to” presenters will be and what topics they will focus on. How to presentations are usually done by a single presenter, are technical in nature, and shows the audience how to do something in a 45-60 minute slot. In the past we have had how to sessions on things like building a player; encoding tips and tricks; building a channel for streaming devices; encoding live video; etc.

I’m looking to add more in-depth, technical presentations to the conference program this year and am currently accepting all suggestions, ideas and submissions – from everyone. If there is a technical topic you think you can present, that is instructional in nature, and isn’t a pitch for a product/service, now is the time to contact me. Send me an email with your ideas ASAP.