Business or Bubble? The Rise (and Potential Fall) of Subscription-based Monetization

At the Streaming Media East show next week in NYC, we have a session entitled “Business or Bubble? The Rise (and Potential Fall) of Subscription-based Monetization“. As OTT monetization strategies diversify, the ways in which subscriptions can be structured have continued to expand. Many companies want to emulate the simple subscription OTT model of Netflix. The past two years saw the launch of HBO Now, Sling TV, WWE Network, Crunchyroll, NFL Game Pass, The Blaze, CBS All Access, and many other subscription services. But how many can the market support? When cord nevers, shavers and cutters look for single subscription services and skinny bundles how many are they likely to buy? The simplicity of a straight subscription model is appealing, but in today’s “in app” world, advanced monetization modeling and hybrid approaches can serve as a gateway to your subscription service. What does it take to be chosen by enough people to make a business? Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Iddo Shai, Director, Product Marketing, TV and Media, Kaltura
  • Colin Carrier, Chief Strategy Officer, Twitch
  • William Mao, VP, Digital, MP & Silva
  • Titus Bicknell, CDO & EVP, Operations, Acorn TV
  • Bharat Krish, Corporate Vice President, IT, HBO Latin America

Register online using the discount code of 200DR16 and get a #smeast Discovery Pass for free, or a Conference pass for $895. You can check out the entire program agenda here.