Copy Of Limelight’s Patent Complaint Against XO & Akamai

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 5.01.12 PMLast month, Limelight Networks filed a lawsuit against Akamai and XO Communications claiming the companies are infringing on six of their patents. I’m tired of all these back and forth patent suits in the CDN space that to date, have never amounted to anything but wasted time, money and focus by the companies involved. So I don’t plan to do a lot of coverage on the topic, but if you want to read the 46 page complaint, I’ve provided it here. The six patents in question are 7,715,3248,750,1558,856,2638,683,0029,015,3488,615,577. These patents cover: systems and methods for acceleration of web pages; conditional protocol control; cache grouping; acceleration techniques; and policy based processing of content objects.