Thursday Webinar: Delivering Broadcast Quality Video to Mobile Screens

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating a webinar on the topic of “Key Considerations for Delivering Broadcast Quality Video to Mobile Screens“. What is the best way to meet your audience’s expectations for quality live and on demand mobile viewing? The answer is: It depends. Adaptive delivery is complex and implementing the right strategy requires careful consideration of a range of technical and business factors. In this webinar, a technical expert with experience helping companies implement video delivery solutions will guide you through the decision-making process. He’ll share the questions you need to ask to make the right decisions for your organization and use real life use cases to illustrate specific decision points such as:

  • How best to handle transcoding and transmuxing to support multiple formats, devices and screens
  • When to use your own origin and when to leverage the cloud
  • Whether to invest in web servers and storage, or a content delivery network (or two)
  • How monetization impacts your strategy
  • How to evaluate your reach and availability requirements

The latest trends in video consumption, audience expectations, content protection, and access control will also be shared. Register Now to attend this FREE live webinar.