Thursday Webinar: Cloud TV and Trends in OTT

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating a webinar on the topic of “Cloud TV and Trends in Over-The-Top video“. OTT delivery is one of the most prominent trends in television distribution. It allows viewers to watch more content than ever before and if done right, it helps service providers and telcos to add a significant revenue stream to their monetization mix. The next frontier is Cloud TV that provides a seamless experience across devices and is targeted to our own identity, preferences and social circles as one. Many of the world’s largest broadcasters, content owners, telcos and operators are already offering subscription, transactional and advertising based VOD services to hundreds of millions of viewers.

Join this webinar with Kaltura and IBM to learn about trends in OTT, the benefits of Could TV, and the latest technologies that power time-shifted television, device management, household management, personalization, social tools and video applications for mobile and connected devices. What tools are required to deliver Hollywood grade content? And what are some best practices to keep viewers engaged? You can register and join this webinar for free.