Thursday Webinar – Video Monetization and Audience Building

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating another webinar, this time on the topic of, “Video Monetization and Audience Building.” With an explosion in the amount of content being consumed Over-The-Top, video content providers are scrambling to accelerate the capture of additional, ongoing viewership and monetize this new distribution channel. A one-size-fits-all strategy for this type of disruptive scenario can yield disastrous results. Identifying and tailoring specific subscription and other automatically recurring revenue-based monetization models appropriate for a content owner or provider’s audience based upon viewing habits is a key to rapid growth.

Join speakers from Vindicia and Clearleap and bring your questions for a discussion on:

  • Video Consumption Trends
  • Revenue & Monetization Models
  • “Frictionless” Customer Experience
  • Maximizing ACLV/ARPU
  • Innovative Pricing Strategies
  • Revenue Uplift & Churn Mgmt

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