Apple’s iOS 8 Downloads Coming From Their Own CDN, Likely Will Be a Traffic Record

I’ve looked at a lot of traceroutes today for the download of Apple’s iOS 8 update and so far, all the records I have seen show they are coming from Apple’s own CDN, not third-party CDNs Akamai and Level 3. It’s still possible Akamai and Level 3 have some of the business, but so far, I only see it coming directly from Apple, which is what I expected. Also, even though it has only been two hours since the iOS 8 download went live, from preliminary data that some ISPs have shared with me, it also looks like iOS 8 will be a traffic record inside last mile providers. I’ll have an updated post when I have more chart and figures on size of the traffic inside ISPs as soon as I get it. I’m still looking to view more traceroute info, so if you have any you can send me, especially from outside the U.S., please email it to me.

Update 3:52pm: One user in Finland is reporting the download coming from Akamai. Would make sense that Apple would use CDNs outside the U.S., but to what extent is still unknown.

Update 7:11pm:  Three tracroutes from London all show Apple as the CDN. I haven’t yet seen a single traceroute in the U.S. showing anyone but Apple for delivery.

3 (  7.758 ms  7.496 ms  7.168 ms
4 (  9.369 ms  9.544 ms  9.378 ms
5 (  12.364 ms (  9.704 ms  9.504 ms
6 (  10.158 ms (  11.071 ms (  10.443 ms
7 (  9.692 ms (  10.888 ms (  10.196 ms
8 (  109.327 ms  109.568 ms  109.273 ms
9 (  111.650 ms  108.923 ms  108.916 ms
10 (  119.320 ms  119.162 ms  119.422 ms
11 (  120.190 ms  139.025 ms  119.704 ms
12 (  10.935 ms  11.559 ms  10.968 ms