Netflix Video Presentation Details Open Connect and Their CDN Strategy

For the past six years, I’ve organized a one-day event in NYC called the Content Delivery Summit. It brings together ISPs, carriers, service providers, content owners, and industry vendors for a detailed look at CDN platforms for the delivery of video and other content.

Last year, Netflix was one of the keynotes and Ken Florance, VP of Content Delivery at the company presented an overview of Netflix’s CDN strategy and detailed how Open Connect works. He covered a lot of topics including Netflix’s first try at building out a CDN seven years ago, common misconceptions about video traffic and outlined Netflix’s take on the most efficient way to deliver Netflix content to ISP subscribers.

Some of the numbers and specifics presented was to my knowledge, the first time Netflix had discussed them in a public forum. One thing Ken made very clear in his presentation is that the company takes video delivery quality very seriously, and he details steps they take to try and make sure all subscribers get the best user experience they can. Netflix has some of the most detailed video performance data in the market today, thanks to what many consider to be one of the best intelligent video players that makes real-time delivery decisions based on that performance data. You can see Ken’s presentation and download his slides below. If you want to attend this year’s event, May 12th in NYC, email me and I’ll send you a discount code so you can attend for only $395.

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 11.00.46 PM