Public Facebook Pages No Longer Viewable, Unless You Have A Facebook Account

I’m no Facebook guru, so others should chime in here in case I’m missing something, but within the past day or so, public Facebook pages I use to be able to read, are no longer visible unless you have a Facebook account and sign into it. When I visit a public page, a pop-up window instructs me to login to Facebook or create a Facebook account. If I don’t login, and close out the pop-up window, the scroll bars on the page disappear and I can’t read any of the posts on a public Facebook page. I tried this on multiple pages, including Coca-Cola’s and they are not readable, which also means I can’t watch videos.

If this is Facebook’s new policy, it’s bad news for content owners, especially for those who want to promote videos on their public pages. While I realize Facebook is huge, not everyone has a Facebook page and Facebook shouldn’t force users to have to log into a Facebook account just to be able to see videos or other content that’s on public pages. And as usual, it seems Facebook make this change to their system without announcing it as I can’t find any kind of news of the change anywhere on their site. I don’t care how many users Facebook has, the company has no respect for their users.