Understanding the CDN Economics of Build vs. Buy at The CDN Summit

Default_ConfWhat's the best path, economically, for operators contemplating a CDN strategy? Build it, or rent capacity from a growing roster of third-party partner CDNs? On Monday May 14th, at the Content Delivery Summit in NYC, this session will discuss how to think through the economic tradeoffs, both business and technical, associated with CDN planning and implementation.

Attendees will learn how to cost out a CDN rollout, from two perspectives: building it, or renting “space” with a third-party partner. Speakers will also discuss how to correlate peak demand with economic necessity, what “scale” means in dollars and cents, and how to factor in the economic impact on transport and data center costs. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Ben Bekele, Senior Architecture Marketing Mgr, SP Business, Cisco
  • Jacob Rosenberg, Platform Architecture, Comcast Cable
  • Scott Landman, VP, Business Development, Americas, Jet-Stream
  • Michael O'Donnell, President, CEO, Skytide

It's not too late to get a pass for the event and you can use the special registration code of DRF01 and get access to the keynotes, all of the sessions, presentations and networking events for only $295. Register here and put the code DRF01 in the box at the bottom. Twitter hash tag #cdnsummit