Transparent Caching & CDN Merging: Juniper Licenses BitGravity’s CDN Technology

A few weeks ago Juniper announced they had licensed BitGravity's CDN technology and plans to add the functionality to their transparent caching Media Flow solution. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but I hear that there is a revenue sharing component between Juniper and Tata Communications, which owns BitGravity. Juniper does not plan to re-sell any of Tata Communications CDN service for off-net delivery and is simply licensing the service management layer of BitGravity's CDN platform, on a non-exclusive basis, for Juniper's own product, expected to be introduced later this year.

As service providers look for products and solutions that deliver more than just one type of content, more deals like this need to take place, especially from the hardware manufactures. Last year, we saw licensed CDN provider EdgeCast team up with transparent caching provider PeerApp to merge their platforms for telcos and carriers and I suspect other vendors in the space are looking at similar partnerships.

The CDN space is finally starting to evolve once again with vendors deploying all kinds of solutions like dynamic site acceleration, front-end-optimization, transparent caching, licensed CDN and application acceleration, which now all fall under the generic term of "content delivery". After year's of the CDN space being pretty stagnant, lots of new solutions are coming to the market that combine many different technologies and types of content delivery, into single platforms. This is exactly what customers are looking and asking for be it inside the carrier network or for off-net CDN based services.

We'll be talking a lot more about all of these different content delivery technologies at the Content Delivery Summit, taking place May 14th in NYC.