Debunking HTML5 Video Myths: A Guide For Video Publishers

After Steve Jobs announced the iPad, a whole new round of anti-Flash sentiment swept the ranks of the online design and development community. Many claims have been laid down by both "standards" and Flash proponents, and not all of them are based on fact. At a special session at the Streaming Media West show in LA, Robert Reinhardt, author of the Flash Bible series will walk you through the potential capabilities of HTML5, the differences across browsers, and how they compare to those of the Flash platform. Learn the effect HTML5 will have on video encoding and distribution in the future and how HTML5 may impact your business.

Register online for the entire Streaming Media West show and get $300 off by using my personal discount code of DRF1. Have a topic about HTML5 that you wan't Robert to cover in his presentation? Put it in the comments section below and I'll make sure he gets it.