Verizon Highlights My Use Of FiOS And Streaming For Web Commercials

As a FiOS customer, I’ve been a big fan of Verizon’s service and have written about my experience with the product many times over the past few years. Recently, Verizon has been using quotes from my blog in their marketing materials for direct mail pieces as well as on the website. And recently, I started guest blogging on Verizon’s website and Verizon sent a video crew to my house to film how I use my FiOS service to consume video to all the different broadband-enabled devices in my living room.

With a series of three video commercials now showing up on the web, I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately from folks asking me if I now work for Verizon. It’s a fair question and one that’s easy to answer. I don’t work for Verizon in any capacity and don’t get any free services in exchange for them using content from my blog or highlighting my use of streaming in their commercials. Of course, that’s going to have some asking me why I spend time promoting a service from a vendor I’m not getting paid by? The easy answer is that Verizon’s FiOS service is just that good and frankly, I can’t think of another technology innovation over the past five years that has had such an impact on how I work and how I use the Internet as a consumer. So I’m happy to promote something that works so well.

On a day when the FCC says the average residential download speeds are typically only half as fast as the maximum speeds advertised by U.S. broadband providers, it’s nice to know that with FiOS, consumers never have to worry about what they are getting. Thanks to Verizon spending billions to bring fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), their FiOS service always delivers what they say. So while I don’t work for Verizon, I’ll continue to do anything to help promote their FiOS service as long as it stays as good as it is now.