MLB.TV Failing Big Time On Opening Day, Website Down, Video Quality Terrible

Picture 1 As a fan of MLB.TV, it really pains me to have to write this, but MLB completely failed by not having a service that works on opening day. Since about noon Eastern, their main website has not been loading at all, or just gives me a background image. Nearly ten hours later, it's still not working.

And aside from the website being down for hours or now directing me to a
"narrowband" version of the website, video streams on the iPad using
the MLB iPad app look really bad. Video is extremely choppy and that's
even if I can get the stream at all. Most times I get errors of "we are
having technical difficulties processing your request
" and even short video highlights don't work. Team sites, like and others are giving me timeout errors or if they load after a really long time, the video clips aren't work and deliver blank pages.

For a company like MLBAM, who leads the industry with some of the finest quality video and user-experience, when it is working, not having everything function properly on opening day is really unacceptable and is going to create a lot of really upset fans and video subscription customers. MLB has been offering a video based service for more than half a dozen years now and having this big of an issue on opening day really gives them a black eye.

I've put in a request to MLBAM to find out what the problem is and I will review the MLB.TV app on the iPad once its working.

Update: Also interesting to note is that MLB.TV on the Roku, which worked last year, will not be working until "mid-April" this year, which came to light from an email Roku sent to customers earlier today. I don't know if the problem is on Roku's side or MLB's, but it was working just fine last year.

Update 2: I am also just now remembering that back in January I broke the news on how Swarmcast, the company who's technology powered's Next-Def Plugin, laid off half their staff and was down to ten people. When the news came out I asked MLB if that meant they were no longer going to use the Swarmcast technology for the 2010 season, but I never heard back. I wonder if some of today's problems are due to MLB using some new technology for the first time?