Comcast’s TV Everywhere Service Goes Live, Poor Video Quality, Lots Of Buffering

Fancast Today, Comcast officially launched their much-hyped TV Everywhere service to customers who subscribe to the company’s broadband Internet service and digital cable TV offering, which appears to be around 10-12M consumers. Comcast is doing a press announcement on the news now so hopefully there will be some more details to come and some more specifics on the numbers.

Users who want to access the content will have to download the Move Networks plugin and the Adobe AIR app. For me, the user experience is not a lot better than what I saw back in October when I got to get hands-on with it when it was still in the trial. While Comcast is rolling out the service nation wide, it’s still being called a “beta” offering and it shows.

The quality of the videos I checked out today took up to ten seconds to buffer, with lots of pixelation and really poor frame rates. I’ll keep checking out the service today but frankly, Comcast is going to have to do a lot better than this quality wise of they want anyone to take it seriously.