Vendors: Please Send Us Next Week’s Press Releases Early

There's a lot of vendor announcements coming out next week during our Streaming Media West show and we're going to do our best to cover as many of them as possible, even while we're running the show. For those vendors who have not already briefed us, please contact us this week to let us know when your release is hitting the wire. I already know of a dozen or so releases expected next week and we want to make sure we include all of them in the news roundup we'll be doing.

I will be linking to the news on my blog next week, but probably not doing full write-ups of the releases until after the show is over. If you get us your releases this week, under embargo, I'll try to write something up so that's it's ready for next week. I will be Twittering a lot during the show so I can get a bunch of news items out quickly so look for that. We'll be using the hash tags of #smwest09 and #ovps09 on Twitter.