Twitter’s Down Again, I Wish It Would Stay Down For Good

I've only been on Twitter
a few months now, but I think it is by far the most over-hyped,
over-rated Internet application I've seen in the past fifteen years.
What a waste. While many Twitter users talk about how it allows for
such "meaningful conversations", that's a complete crock. The service
is down every few days, half my new sign ups each day are links to porn
sites and no business gets accomplished with the service. Not to
mention, why do people that we associate with only in the business
world think we want to know all about their personal lives?

this was any other company providing a real business communication
platform like your cell phone, email, or Internet connection, they
would have already gone out of business with all the outages they've
had. Twitter is NOT a real communication platform. The company survives
now purely on hype, with no real business model and can't even provide
a service that is reliable. Some my say I'm not getting out of Twitter
what I should since I'm currently not following anyone. They would be
right, if they mean getting spam, comments about people's love life or
all that other garbage you get each day from following people.

I first got on Twitter I was following people and it was a complete
waste of time. But what I think is really sad is that too many people
in the business world already rely on email far too much for
communication and it seems no one knows how to use a phone anymore.
With Twitter, many now think they can use the service as an even
shorter version of email. If anyone thinks that having meaningful
conversations based on 140 character blurbs is the way to get business
done, I think they are fooling themselves. I also tend to notice that
many of the power users on Twitter tend to be the same people who in
person, can't speak well, can't carry on a real conversation and can't
speak intelligibly.

I judge the value of any communication
service by the value it provides. If Twitter went away tomorrow, would
it have any serious impact on being able to get business done? Nope.
While it does have some value for marketing purposes, especially for
brands that want to be able to reach out to consumers, it's not a game
changer, but rather the biggest fad we've ever had in the Internet
space. So why am I on Twitter? I wish I wasn't. But some readers prefer
to use Twitter the same way some folks use Google Reader for RSS feeds. So if people want news that way, I'll deliver it, but I don't think Twitter provides any value.