Thomson Reuters Acquires Webcasting Platform Provider Streamlogics

Streamlogics In a deal that had been in the works for some time, it was announced today that effective last week, Thomson Reuters has acquired Canada based Streamlogics. Terms of the deal were not disclosed and I don't have any details on the valuation but will update the post if I find out.

This is a nice deal for Streamlogics who has been providing webcasting based services for the past ten years to many major enterprise, government and pharmaceutical organizations in North America and Canada. While headquartered in Toronto, Streamlogics had sales offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Nashville Tennessee.

For Thomson, Streamlogics is now at least the seventh webcasting company they have acquired over the past ten years. While I'm sure I am forgetting a few of them, the ones that come to mind are CCBN, NetVision,, Broadcast1 and RAW Communications amongst others.