Announcing The Passing Of Neal Page, Co-Founder and CEO Of Inlet Technologies

Neal_Page Late last night, Neal Page, Co-Founder and CEO of Inlet Technologies passed away after a year-long battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). A few months back, Neal and I were chatting about the industry and he mentioned that he was stepping down from the day to day side of things to take care of some medical issues, but I didn't realize how severe it really was.

Neal co-founder Inlet Technologies in 2003 and before that, founded Osprey Technologies in 1994 which is now a division of ViewCast Corporation. For anyone who did webcasting back in the days, Osprey was the "de facto" capture card for enabling live video over the Internet. The Osprey product line was a big factor in the success of live webcasting in the early days of the streaming media industry.

While I wouldn't consider myself to have truly known Neal outisde of business, he was always professional, polite and someone I never heard a single negative comment about; something that carriers a lot of weight in this world when it seems many people in business forget that your reputation and professionalism is all that really matters.

Inlet has a short announcement of Neal's passing on their website and co-founder John Bishop is doing a 100-mile LIVESTRONG bike ride looking to raise $7,500 in support of Neal. He's already at 75% of his goal so lets try and help him reach it.