Sitting On 50Mbps Verizon FiOS Connection, Looking For High-Bitrate Video

Verizon_fios_250.jpg I've been a long time customer of Verizon's FiOS service, starting off years ago with 10Mbps, then 20Mbps and as of last week, now 50Mbps. For those who can't get FiOS I feel for you as it's hands down the best offering available in the market and puts cable to shame. Even with Cablevision's recent announcement saying they will offer a supposed 101Mbps offering, it's not fiber to my house. If it's not fiber to the home, then it's not FiOS and can't be compared to FiOS.

I called Cablevision last week only to be told their 101Mbps service won't be available "for some time", the price is not "guaranteed" to be $99 when it launches and the service won't come with any guaranteed throughput. When I asked Cablevision how they can compete with a service like FiOS that pulls fiber to your house I was told "the service is just as good as FiOS as Cablevision's modem has lots of power." Too funny. When will Cablevision get a clue.

Cablevision's poor marketing ploys aside, I'm looking to test as much high bitrate video as possible across multiple entertainment devices. I have a Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Roku, TiVo Series 3,VUDU, Slingbox PRO-HD, Apple TV and broadband enabled Blu-ray player setup in my living room. So if you know of some really high-bitrate video offerings, streaming or otherwise, please let me know and I'll test them out. In addition, if you'd like me to test anything on any of the above mentioned devices, drop a note in the comments section.

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