Level 3 Closing CDN Deals: Netflix, FOX, Microsoft, Comcast, CNN and Others

For some time now I have been writing that Level 3 is doing a good job in the CDN market closing deals and ramping up revenue, doing almost $50M last year for all CDN services. Various people always ask me why they don't see many press releases from Level 3 talking about customer wins and many ask me who exactly is using Level 3 for their CDN services?

It's a valid question and many times, the vendor does not have permission to use the customers name in a press release. That said, Level 3 does have permission from some customers to use their name in presentations and I have located other customers via trace routes. Some of Level 3's CDN customers are Netflix, FOX, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Comcast, Sky, NHL, BBC, DNC, CNN and others. How many customers Level 3 has in total for their CDN service I do not know, but I expect that as Level 3's CDN business continues to grow, their will start to give out more details on that segment of their business during their IR calls.

Based on the growth Level 3 has seen for their CDN business so far, I expect them to generate close to $100M from their CDN group for 2009.