Qualcomm Acquires Digital Fountain

A few days ago, Qualcomm acquired privately held Digital Fountain. The deal went down almost a week ago and while I have yet to see a press release, Digital Fountain's website now has a brief announcement about the acquisition on their home page. While Digital Fountain does have a CDN offering, that's clearly not why Qualcomm wanted them.

Digital Fountain's CDN offering only recently got off the ground and their real value is the technology they provide to the defense department and other companies in the IPTV and mobile space. Much of their core technology has been adopted by standards bodies including 3GPP, DVB and others.

I'll update this post later in the day when I get some more details.

Updated: Short e-mail I got from Qualcomm with some more details. "Qualcomm has acquired a team of seven key engineers that will continue to support the technology and existing Digital Fountain customers. The Digital Fountain team will be located in Qualcomm’s Santa Clara campus. Also, that team will be led by Mike Luby, Digital Fountain’s founder and CTO, who will report to Qualcomm’s Chief Technology Officer."