Corrected: Now Using Move Networks Broadcast Platform

Espn360com Over the past few weeks I have been hearing rumors that was working on migrating their video over to the Move Networks broadcast platform. In this case, the rumors were true and on Tuesday afternoon, migrated all of the broadcast production services formerly being provided by The FeedRoom in NYC over to Move's broadcast operations center based in Utah. is now using Move's broadcast publishing system for their video workflow. As some of the comments correctly pointed out, has already been using Move's player technology since late 07'. visitors to were asked to install the Move Networks plugin and all of the videos I've watched on the site are now using Move's technology.

As expected, the video quality looks great and the content is being delivered via HTTP, so I am curious if some of the technical support questions that users have when trying to get video from streaming media protocols have now been resolved.

Now if only ESPN would stop their horrible business practice of licensing to ISPs, they might actually have a decent offering.