Announcing New Content Delivery Summit, The Infrastructure Of Online Video

Cdn  I am excited to announce that will be launching a new one-day summit in May 2009 that will focus on the infrastructure of online video. Held in conjunction with the Streaming Media East show, my goal is to bring together content owners, infrastructure providers, analysts, and Wall Street to discuss the business and technology challenges of delivering video online. (

While competition is fierce amongst CDN vendors, there is still an opportunity for all vendors and customers to help push the market forward with information sharing, best practices and debates about the most important business and technology topics relevant to the growth of this industry. This is where the Content Delivery Summit comes in.

The majority of speakers at the summit will be customers, those who actually buy CDN services and can share with us what impact video delivery is having on their business today and what kind of growth they expect in the future. We'll have two tracks with roughly twelve sessions, four keynote presenters and roughly sixty total speakers and will be having multiple networking functions during and after the event. 

To help enable every sponsor and attendee to get the most out of the summit, I will be personally contacting every single pre-registered attendee before the event and helping them to arrange meetings with others at the show. I am going to spend a lot of time and effort to connect as many customers, vendors, analysts, and Wall Street executives with one another as possible and really show attendees and sponsors the value of attending. We're also going to be giving away free analyst research on the CDN industry and other goodies to all attendees.

We know that 2009 will be a tough year for many in the industry so when registration opens, we're going to keep the cost to attend very low and will be offering discounts and other special pricing to enable as many to attend as possible. We're also keeping sponsorship packages for vendors as low as possible with a silver sponsorship only costing $2k. We really want this to be the place where the CDN industry can come together and help demonstrate how big a role video over IP is going to play.

While the summit website is now officially live, we'll be adding sponsors, keynote speakers and session topics over the next few weeks.

If you are interested in speaking at the summit, visit the website and get your speaking request in now! The call for speakers closes in three weeks and there are a limited number of speaking spots. Roughly a third of the spots have already been filled with CDN customers.

If you are interested in moderating a session at the show, have a topic you want to see discussed or think there is a role you can play in the summit, call me. Within three weeks I expect the program to be filled and nearly complete, so don't hesitate and call me immediately (917-523-4562) if you want to help plan any of the agenda. I am still looking for experienced moderators who can help organize a discussion on CDN topics pertaining to business, technology or financing.

I'll be posting many updates to the website and my blog over the next few weeks as we announce more details of the summit and look to publish the entire agenda by the end of January.

While 2009 marks the 14th year since some of the first CDNs starting delivering video on the web, I think there is a lot more that the CDN industry needs to be doing as a collective group, working together to share information and help grow the market faster. If you have any ideas on how the Content Delivery Summit can help to achieve this, I welcome and any all suggestions and answer my phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'd love to hear from you. (917-523-4562)