Online Video Companies Raise Over $75 Million In VC Money In The Past 60 Days

For all the talk of the poor economy and how tight VCs are being with their money, companies tied into the online video space still seem to be having no problems getting funding. A quick roundup of funding announcements over the past sixty days shows that more than $75 million has been raised and I'm sure there are a few I missed that would make the number even higher.

  • ExtendMedia: $10 Million (news)
  • Baofeng: $15 million (news)
  • LiveRail: $500K (news)
  • KickApps: $14 million (news)
  • "high six figures" (news)
  • EyeView: $1 million (news)
  • $4 million (news)
  • Taboola: $4.5 million (news)
  • $5.2 million (news)
  • Transpera: $8.5 million (news)
  • Digitalsmiths: $12 million (news)

There still seems to be quite a lot of interest by VCs in companies that are somehow tied into the online video market in some shape or form. And while the cost of entry is relatively low to get into the market, I have to wonder just how many VCs have a really good handle on the size of the market for the company they are investing in and how much market share that company can truly grab. Companies need to be able to show very quickly that they can stand on their own and deliver a very clear and compelling message to the market at a time when it is crowded with many similar companies.

While I do think money has dried up for those looking for some cash to simply experiment with an idea, for those who have something they can show as a real product, the money still seems to be easy to come by. Last month, NewTeeVee Live had a panel of VCs talking about this very idea and you can see the video archive here.

So what do you think? Will the money dry up soon or will VC money only continue to flow into the online video market?