FeedRoom Acquires ClearStory Systems: Content Management Still Evolving

The FeedRoom announced this week that it will acquire privately held ClearStory systems with the intent of integrating ClearStory's digital asset management (DAM) solution into The FeedRoom's enterprise video platform. This is the latest in a string of recent acquisitions in the industry (Entriq/Dayport, Accenture/Origin Digital) with the intent of giving content owners more control over managing multiple forms of rich media assets.

On paper, this seems like a natural fit for the two companies since The FeedRoom does a lot of work in the enterprise market and to date, their content management solutions were very customized and focused almost exclusively on video assets. Adding a true digital asset management platform to the fold should only help The FeedRoom's customers deliver a lot of the other pieces of content that go along with video.

That being said, it seems kind of scary that as far along as we are in the market, we are only now starting to see some acquisitions with the intent of solving the work-flow and management issues associated with rich media content. Customers content management demands are only going to increase as more content on placed online and gets consumed.